What Areas Can Zerona® Laser Treatment Target?

If you have stubborn fat that fails to disappear even with all your dieting or workout efforts, it is time to consider laser treatment. Visiting a professional can help complement your healthy lifestyle practices, producing your desired results. 


Laser body contouring can get rid of stubborn fat, reshaping your body. Body-shaping treatments such as Zerona provide long-lasting results without resorting to surgery. Find out what areas Zerona laser treatment can target.  


Zerona Laser Treatment 


Zerona laser is a noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment that involves low-level lasers to dissolve fat cells. The laser energy is applied directly to the skin, where it penetrates to dissolve fat cells. 


The fat cells destroyed through a series of painless treatments cannot regrow, offering permanent results. During treatment, you will lie on a table and the technician will direct the lasers to the specific target areas. The treatment usually takes 20 minutes for each side. 


Candidates for Zerona Therapy

Zerona is ideal for:


  • Those looking for noninvasive, nonsurgical fat reduction

  • Individuals who do not want to get liposuction

  • Those who desire treatment with no extended downtime

  • Individuals looking for an effective, safe, and quick body contouring option

  • People who want to lose fat or inches in several body areas


Benefits of Zerona Laser Therapy 


There are good reasons to choose Zerona to contour your body. The therapy is accurate, safe, and effective and does not harm the skin or the underlying tissue. It is simple and noninvasive, does not need anesthesia, and requires no downtime. 


It has no known side effects, no risk of infection, and no worry of scarring. It takes less time than other treatments and offers permanent results, making it cost-effective in the long run. It is ideal for people of all shapes and sizes.


Areas Treated With Zerona Laser Therapy


Zerona therapy can target specific body areas or be used for a full-body treatment. It can help produce a firmer, slimmer body. Areas commonly targeted with the treatment include:


  • Buttocks

  • Belly

  • Thighs

  • Hips

  • Arms


These are areas where subcutaneous fat deposits tend to linger. These fat deposits tend to be resistant to exercise and diet. 


Zerona Treatment Plan

Precise laser technology can help target areas that cause you to feel self-conscious. Repeated procedures in specific areas can improve the results. The number of sessions required will depend on the desired results. 

Committing to the treatment protocol, which includes attending all the appointments, is essential. The treatment usually involves six sessions, scheduled about one week apart. Most people report losing three to nine inches in the target areas. 

Zerona laser body contouring uses cold lasers to reduce stubborn fat. The procedure targets specific fat cells, making it more accurate than most surgical procedures. It is more accessible, making it ideal for those who are considered poor candidates for surgical techniques. It is also more affordable than surgery. 

When you choose Zerona, you benefit from a procedure that does not involve pain, needles, anesthesia, creams, or numbing agents. 


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