What Are the Benefits of Kinesio Taping?

Kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tape applied strategically on the body to provide muscle support. The tape is made with a flexible blend of cotton and nylon. It has medical-grade adhesive, strong enough to hold muscles and joints. When applied to the body, it recoils and gently lifts the skin, joints, and muscles.

Athletes mostly apply it to help with support, reduce pain, control swelling, and improve athletic performance. It works by providing muscle support without limiting joint and muscle movement. Physical therapists and chiropractors also use the Kinesio tape on patients to help with physical therapy. Here are the benefits of Kinesio taping.


It Reduces Joint Irritation


When applied properly, Kinesio tape reduces joint irritation. Athletes apply it on the knees and shoulders. It increases the space in the joints, slightly reducing friction and irritation. This is especially helpful for athletes and people with joint problems.


It Improves Circulation


Kinesio tape helps to improve blood and fluid circulation. By gently lifting muscle, skin, and joints, it encourages the free flow of blood and fluids. It is very effective in helping lymphatic fluids drainage. When applied properly, it changes the pressure gradient in the areas underneath the skin. This helps with proper fluid drainage. When muscles drain better, there is reduced swelling as well as minimum bruising.


It Supports Weak Zones


The Kinesio tape is popularly used to support muscles and joints. It comes in handy for athletes who are into extreme sports. They use it to hold down extra flaps of skin and muscle that they do not need flapping around. It also comes in handy with patients suffering from Achilles tendonitis, patellofemoral syndrome, and IT band friction syndrome.


It Helps to Correct Posture


Using the Kinesio tape can help to correct bad posture in the head and neck. It has been used successfully to help stroke patients in the way they walk and sit. Therapists also use the tape to help people be aware of how they stand, walk, and move. It is also helpful to people who sit for long hours in front of the screen and end up with bad back and neck posture.


Helps to Manage Scars


Studies suggest that the Kinesiology tape helps with the management of scar appearance after injury or surgery. However, it is important to note that the tape should not be used on open wounds. In this application, it should be used together with conventional scar treatment and wound care.


Enhancing Athletic Performance


You see a lot of Kinesio tape in all its colors, shapes, and forms, especially in marathon events. Studies suggest that it helps to enhance performance by protecting the athletes against injury. Taping the glutes and knees gives them a sensation that wakes them up and encourages them to keep going.


It Can Help With Nerves


Some physical therapists use the Kinesio tape to help with nerve problems. The tape is applied to problematic areas to change information passing through the sensory nervous system. It helps to manage nerve pain and numbness. By lifting skin and muscle, the tape decompresses stressed tissue and prompts it to respond better.


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