Conditions That Hydrotherapy Helps With

Hydrotherapy uses an aquatic environment to treat various health problems. Also known as water therapy, it is almost as old as humankind, dating back to ancient Roman culture. Hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years. More recently, this method has increased in popularity. This is due to its potential to reduce pain and improve physiological function.


How Does It Work


Hydrotherapy is a unique form of natural medicine. It can act as either an assistive or resistive force. Certain principles of water make treatment possible. These include buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, cohesion, and viscosity.

Hydrotherapy also relies on its mechanical and thermal effects to induce healing. It uses your body’s response to hot or cold stimuli. The sensations from the water pressure and protracted application of heat are carried deep into your skin through your nerves.


How Can Hydrotherapy Help You


Hydrotherapy comes in many forms, such as spas and hydromassage. Experts can also provide it through contrast baths and aquatic therapies, to name a few. Many people enjoy the biodynamic properties of water. Hydrotherapy can benefit patients with the following problems or health conditions:

  1. Post-Surgery. Patients who underwent abdominal, spine, or lower limb surgeries have difficulties with mobilization. Hydrotherapy helps hasten their recovery by increasing muscle strength and joint movement.

  2. Chronic Pain. Water-based therapy can reduce sensitivity to pain and improve circulation. It also helps lessen gravitational forces, enhance muscular strength, and develop better balance. These are particularly pertinent among rehabilitation patients suffering from chronic pain.

  3. Neurological Issues. Water-based therapy is also used to increase muscle strength. It reduces muscle spasm in people suffering from severe traumatic brain injury.

  4. Musculoskeletal Injuries. Pain can also be due to old age or sports-related injuries. Patients with this problem find it hard to exercise on dry land. But with water-based therapy, they can take part in aquatic physical therapies. This is possible because patients perform exercises in a safe and controlled environment.

  5. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Conditions. Hydrotherapy can improve muscular as well as cardio-pulmonary endurance among older people. The method also contributes to rehabilitating patients with heart or lung diseases.


Benefits of Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy uses water to revitalize, sustain, and restore health. It has shown promise in improving different systems in our body. But, the primary advantage of hydrotherapy seems to be with musculoskeletal health. The method promotes muscle relaxation. Also, it decreases muscle spasm and increases the ease of joint movement.

Many people find water-based therapy useful in managing acute pain. It helps encourage relaxation and loosen tense muscles. It hydrates the cells in your body and boosts your immune system. The method can also fight fatigue and aid in relaxation. It can also reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation. Scientific evidence to confirm its efficacy is still limited, though. But one of its main benefits is that the process is natural. Besides, no adverse effects associated with hydrotherapy have been reported.


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