Relieving Pain With Muscle Therapy

Clinical studies show that when you’re injured, pain is the highest concern. In conventional medicine, your doctor will prescribe pain relievers. Through muscle therapy, you don’t need to take those strong and addictive medications. In this process, your chiropractor targets individual injuries in your muscles and bones. Muscle therapy includes rehabilitative stretches and workouts to restore your body’s balance. It also relieves pain and prevents the recurrence of injuries. If you are thinking about undergoing muscle therapy, here are the different ways muscle therapy relieves pain.


Assisted Stretching


Chiropractors recommend assisted stretching if you have muscle soreness. Severe pains in the lower and upper back are common complaints. Stretching on your own doesn’t help spot the weak areas. With assisted stretching, you can target the painful parts of your body with ease.

Assisted stretching relaxes your body and helps lubricate your joints. This enables you to move your body with less pain and more freedom. Every movement doesn’t exhaust the surrounding muscles at all. Clinical records show that this type of muscle therapy promotes better circulation and restores your muscle balance. A licensed chiropractor can manipulate your joints and muscles while helping you stretch. During assisted stretching, you get the provisional effects of muscle lengthening and gain the experience of having a deep muscle massage at the same time.


Massage Therapy

Chiropractors use massage therapy to provide your soft tissues with pressure and movement. They use manual manipulation to do this. Massage therapy focuses on your fascia, muscles, joints, and ligaments. According to scientific research, massage therapy is effective in reducing anxiety, heart rate, blood pressure, depression, and pain. With the right technique, massage therapy may stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin as well.

Experts recognize that many people understand how massage therapy can help them. The different styles of massage can range from short strokes to kneading motions. Some use lotions and oils, while others don’t. A massage therapy session usually lasts from five minutes to two hours.


Myofascial Release


Scientific data shows that your myofascial tissue supports and surrounds the muscles of your body. Your myofascia is flexible in its normal state. Tightened myofascial tissues cause pain and discomfort. To relieve this pain, your chiropractor can use myofascial release. This technique involves massaging the affected area over and over. Freeing the painful trigger points reduces the tension and discomfort in your body. 

Myofascial release can help if you have venous insufficiency. This condition causes your blood to collect in the deep veins of your leg. When this happens, your veins tend to stretch out too much. This overstretching damages your veins, causing terrible aches and pains.


Muscle therapy is an effective way to treat chronic pain. Each form of muscle therapy can provide you with comfort based on your specific needs. Here at Chiropractic Nashville, we help pinpoint and end your pain the natural way. If you want to schedule an appointment, you can call us at 615-205-1022. You can also visit our clinic in Nashville, Tennessee, for a walk-in consultation.

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