Non-invasive Fat Reduction With the Zerona Laser

Are you struggling with a pocket of fat that won’t just go away? Have you tried vigorous exercises, healthy eating, and traditional weight loss methods? Well, if none of these methods are working, you might want to consider the Zerona laser to remove the excessive fat.

Sometimes, you may not get the body you desire, no matter how much you follow a strict diet or an exercise routine. But, thanks to current technology, you can now get rid of the excess fat without worrying about how scary or invasive the procedure can be.


What Happens During the Procedure?

Unlike other fat reduction procedures such as injection lipolysis, or liposuction, Zerona laser does not require you to be sedated. You can lie comfortably as the doctor performs the procedure. You can even read a book or watch television. So, you do not need to worry about feeling pain or getting injected.

The Zerona equipment has different rotating light lasers. As you lay on the operating table, the machine circulates or rotates the lasers for at least 20 minutes on one point of your body that you hope to reduce fat. After that, the doctor can ask you to flip over and lay on the other side, and then the same procedure is repeated.

The Zerona laser perforates or gets through the fat cells, allowing the excess fat to be removed through the lymphatic system. You may require several sessions to see results. To maintain the achieved body shape and weight, you need to exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet.


Does Zerona Work?

You can be confident using this method because the FDA approves it. It does work. Nevertheless, keep in mind that results differ from one person to the other.

It is a permanent solution since once the fat is melted away and removed from your body, it cannot return. However, you need to maintain a good lifestyle if you want to remain in that shape. But, as much as you gain fat, it is hard to go back to the exact size you were before the procedure.

You have to be patient and be willing to attend various sessions till the treatment is complete. Finding a good and experienced doctor is crucial if you want to get excellent results.

You do not need to worry about side effects because the only effect you may notice is redness and minimal discomfort, which disappears within a few hours.


Are You a Candidate for Zerona Laser?

To know if you are a candidate for non-invasive fat reduction with the Zerona laser, you need to visit your doctor. Typically, all you need is to be in a healthy condition with no serious medical history. You have to be an ideal weight and must be willing to lose some excess fat.

Note that it is not a weight-loss tool. It only works if you want to remove excess fat in a specific body part. That is why it is only recommended for persons close to the ideal weight they hope to achieve.

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