Maintaining Results After Zerona® Laser Treatment: Do's/Don'ts

Zerona® is a body slimming and fat reduction laser treatment used as an alternative to fat loss surgeries. It is an option for people who want to reduce inches without invasive procedures. Treatment offers a low-laser option for body contouring.


To maintain Zerona treatment results, you need to follow certain practices. The following are the do’s and don'ts of maintaining results after a Zerona laser treatment.


The Do's


Stay Well Hydrated

It is vital to remain well hydrated after a Zerona laser treatment. The laser procedure stimulates the cells to release stored fat, and the body needs to flush it from its system. Dehydration can make it difficult to flush out the fat. Drink water throughout the day, but be careful not to overwhelm your system by overhydrating. Consider your weight and drink at least three liters of water daily.


Take Niacin Supplements

Start taking niacin supplements one week before the initial treatment and continue taking daily capsules. Niacin is a vitamin B vasodilator that breaks down triglycerides. It helps open up blood vessels, increasing blood flow and facilitating the flushing of the fat.

It is essential to get regular niacin supplements and not other versions of the vitamin. Avoid taking the supplement on an empty stomach. Ensure you consult your doctor before taking supplements or medications.


Get Regular Exercise

To maintain results after Zerona, ensure that you exercise every day. Keeping your muscles moving and blood flowing will help promote fat removal through the lymphatic system. Avoid strenuous exercises and choose mild to moderate workouts such as walking or Pilates.

Highly demanding activities like running or powerlifting can result in a buildup of lactic acid. It can cause the body to burn sugar instead of fat.


Wear Compression Garments


Wearing compression garments will help maintain the results of Zerona treatment. A spandex garment can help push liquefied fat into the lymphatic system. It can help quicken fat processing while improving skin tightening. For best results, wear compression garments for eight hours daily.


The Don'ts


Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine


You should avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine during the Zerona treatments. The beverages cause dehydration, which affects the process of fat removal. If you decide to have a caffeinated or alcoholic drink, ensure that you drink a glass of water afterward. Increase your water intake with every beverage you consume.


Avoid Eating Large Meals


Avoid eating large meals, and instead consume smaller meals. Instead of three large meals, try to eat five smaller meals daily. The liver can process smaller meals more efficiently. Choose healthy foods that make it easier to eliminate fat from the body. Avoid processed foods that affect the liver's fat processing function.

There are other things you can do to maintain the results of the laser treatment. They include spending time in the sauna, getting a lymphatic massage, and dry brushing the skin. Make sure that you keep your scheduled appointments. Zerona is a safe and effective laser treatment with no known risks associated with it.


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