How Does the Zerona® Laser Aid in Weight Loss?

Zerona® is a simple, non-invasive treatment that uses low-level laser therapy to shape the body. It is ideal for anyone who wants a safe, quick, and effective way of body contouring. Zerona uses cold laser technology, so you will feel nothing during the procedure.


What to Expect

The procedure has no downtime. You need six sessions, one per week. Each session lasts 40 minutes. It is an absolutely painless treatment. Thus, you will not feel any sensation or heat as you are being treated. During this time, you can relax, listen to music or white noise, read or do absolutely nothing.


How the Low-level Laser Works


The low-level laser stimulates the fat cells to liquefy the fat within them. It then creates a temporary pore in the cell membrane. The liquefied fat then moves through this pore from inside the cell into the interstitial space. The lymphatic system absorbs it, processes it, and removes it from the body as waste.


Millions of fat cells in the waist, hips, and thighs become smaller without injury. This allows these fat cells to continue secreting hormones that are beneficial to the body. This makes Zerona laser treatment a healthy alternative to traditional methods of fat reduction.




Zerona laser works differently from traditional methods of fat reduction. Since it is non-invasive, there is no need for anesthesia. It allows you to be awake— you can relax and enjoy as the laser does the work.


During each session, you will start by lying on your back so the laser can target the front part of your body. Your technician will position the laser over the targeted areas. They will step out of the room for about 20 minutes to allow you to be comfortable and relax while the laser treatment takes place. Your technician then returns to reset the process for the backside of your body. This will take another 20 minutes.


After the session is over, you can immediately go back to your normal activities. No pain, bruising, swelling, or any other symptom. The result of this process is the reduction of inches over the targeted areas.


How Long Do Results Last?


The treatments are ideal for those who already have a healthy lifestyle of exercising and dieting. But if you want to jump-start your weight loss journey and need motivation, these treatments are still for you.


After the treatments, ensure that you complement them with a healthy lifestyle of exercising and dieting. Then you will be able to enjoy the results for the long term. Additional sessions will help you see better results. Results can begin showing as early as after your last session.




Zerona laser treatment has many advantages and benefits. Some of them include:


  • It is a safe and painless procedure

  • It has no side effects

  • It is usable on any part of the body

  • It will not keep you away from work or other activities for extended periods

  • It does not destroy the fat cells, so the body continues to get beneficial hormones



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