10 Ways to Improve Zerona® Results

Zerona® is a laser treatment that aids in body slimming and fat loss. It works as an alternative to traditional fat-loss methods and liposuction. Zerona is ideal for individuals who want to avoid invasive procedures and long recovery periods. It uses a low laser level to ensure safe body contouring.



How Does Zerona Work?



Zerona uses cold laser technology, unlike other devices that work by freezing tissue or using heat. The technology targets cellular contents within fat cells. The low-level laser energy disrupts the fat cell membrane. Doing that liquefies and shrinks them, causing your skin to tighten.



How to Improve Zerona Results



You can achieve the best results from Zerona treatment by following the following steps:






Staying hydrated is essential for Zerona treatments. Laser treatments stimulate the release of fat from cells, thus requiring your body to flush out the released fat. Hydration makes this process easy.



Stop Caffeine or Alcohol Intake



Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body. Zerona treatments require your body's hydration. It is ideal to stop drinking beverages that do not add water to your body.



Eat Small Portions



Reducing your meal portions helps your liver process food efficiently. You can try eating five small meals per day instead of three large meals. Your lymphatic system and kidneys can also help eliminate the fat if you make healthy food choices.



Take Niacin Supplements 



These open your blood vessels. Doing so facilitates the flashing out of the liquefied fat. It also promotes blood flow. Ensure you speak to your doctor for further guidance before taking the supplements.



Exercise Regularly



Exercising for at least one hour per day gets your muscles moving and blood flowing. Doing so promotes fat removal through your lymphatic system. Try not to do demanding workouts like running. Doing so builds up lactic acid, which burns sugar and not fat. Stick to activities like walking, swimming, or yoga.



Go to the Sauna



Sweating after a Zerona treatment helps release toxins and fat from your body. Spending some time in the sauna increases your perspiration.



Dry Brush



Dry brushing works like lymphatic massage. The brushing helps move your lymph for easy flushing out of fatty content. Ensure you stroke the brush towards your heart. Doing so helps avoid working against your lymphatic system. Brush in an anticlockwise direction when working on your stomach area.



Wear Compression Garments



Wearing compressing garments such as spanks helps push the released fat into the lymphatic system. In doing so, they help speed up fat processing and skin tightening.



 Get Lymphatic Massages



A lymphatic massage will move your lymph smoothly for efficient flushing out of fat. The massage will help move the fat released until it naturally exists in your body.



Maintain Your Appointments



You will see results if you keep up with your Zerona treatment appointments. Ensure you do not take more than three days between your treatment appointments. Stick to going even if you cannot see results. Most people see results after their last appointment.



What Are the Risks?



Patients often feel nothing during the procedure. The laser administered is of low energy level and produces no heat. Zerona treatment is non-invasive and has no record of side effects among its patients.


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